Leadcom Seating Takes Center Stage at the CIFF-Furniture Show

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Leadcom Seating Takes Center Stage at the CIFF-Furniture Show

Guangzhou, China, 28th – 31st March 2019

The CIFF Furniture Show is a vital annual event to promote Leadcom Seating and our office-focused brand Lifan in our
home lands and local city. This year proved to be a record-breaking year for the exhibition, attracting 297,759 trade visitors
to a space that spanned more than 760,00 square meters.
Over the course of the four-day event our products attracted much attention, many questions and hundreds of delegates
who took a seat to assess the quality of our solutions firsthand. Taking up a sizeable stand on the floorplan, our team
demonstrated Leadcom seating for auditoriums, theaters and cinemas, as well as for education settings, waiting areas,
transportation and offices.
Also alongside our Leadcom seating products were dedicated areas where our Lifan furniture could be put to the test – all
while in an environment designed to look and feel like a workplace. Featured Lifan products included workstation, training
tables, height adjustable tables and office chairs.
CIFF also provided a platform to showcase the newest products among our education seating collection, including the Titan
LS-420 and Alano LS-421, alongside our premium cinema seating Valerio and so on.
The entire Leadcom Seating team would like to thank every single delegate who visited our exhibition space, and we look
forward to seeing you at next trade show



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