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Cinema seating

Take a seat – the show’s just about to begin. Here we present some of our most prominent cinema and theater installations. While you can appreciate our designs and unique theater configurations with these images alone, it’s impossible for our past project gallery to truly convey the level of comfort our seating provides (and comfort is, after all, the essential element of any show experience).

Comfort comes first and foremost in our designs, allowing your audiences to fully immerse themselves in the show, while enjoying the treats and beverages they’ve purchased from your venue.

These theater and cinema venues today feature high-performing seating of ergonomic design, class-leading comfort and excellent durability. These qualities, combined, mean that we go far beyond simply offering a comfortable seat to each of your visitors, to providing optimal service to every last one of your customers.

Our most cost-effective options include lounger-back and fixed back seats. While these seats lack the premium luxuries of our VIP recliners, they are incredibly comfortable when installed to the optimal angles.

To learn more about a project shown here, or to discuss your own project, get in touch with our team.